Wellness and Events

Each person deserves an opportunity to thrive physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and spiritually. Our wellness program focuses on the whole person, bringing a variety of opportunities for the residents in our communities to engage in programs that they find fulfilling and enjoyable.

Please note: as it may be required to keep our community safe from periodic COVID-19 outbreaks, the nature and timing of activities may fluctuate.

Neurographic Art

St. Anthony Village

One of the most intriguing events at St. Anthony Village this July has been a new art class, which utilizes a style known as Neurographic Art. This technique employs seemingly random, yet intuitive, scribbling with a black marker, followed by filling in the spaces with various colors. This art form is very therapeutic, because it invites you to express your emotions through movement and color. This therapeutic art class has been brought to residents in both our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities, and has been a huge success creatively! We look forward to seeing you at the next class – check the calendar for details!

Baby Goats!

St. Anthony Village

St. Anthony Village had the cutest visitors – baby goats! Residents and staff got to pet, hold, and admire these little loves from a local farm that hosts “Portland Goat Parties.” What a special springtime treat!

Garden in Bloom

Assumption Village

Our residents’ gardening beds are really in full bloom this week, with bright roses flourishing, and delicious strawberries ready to eat! All residents are welcome to join us outside, whether you want your own designated garden bed or you just want to join us for some group projects!

Alpaca Adoration!

St. Anthony Village

The residents in our Memory Care Cottages got a special visit from this famous therapy alpaca! We all enjoyed petting his fluffy hair, feeding him carrots, and even snuggling up with this gentle giant! We value animals and the meaningful therapeutic connection that they bring to our community.

Mother’s Day Tea

Assumption Village

Children, mothers, grandmothers, and friends gathered at Assumption Village to celebrate a special Mother’s Day tea party. We enjoyed a variety of hot teas and some spectacular sweet treats. What a wonderful way to honor the amazing women in our community. Thank you to mothers everywhere who do so much for your families!

Mother’s Day Social

St. Anthony Village

The mothers of St. Antony Village were given some extra love today, as we adorned them with wrapped red roses and served them with specialty treats! What better way to celebrate our wonderful families than with bouquets of gorgeous flowers, delectable finger foods, and divine desserts! Thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate our wonderful mothers and grandmothers.

Arbor Day Art

St. Anthony Village

Happy Arbor Day! On this wonderful holiday that focuses on celebrating trees, the residents at St. Anthony Village got to create Van Gogh-style tree paintings. We have some fantastic artists among us! Thanks for joining us, and remember to hug a tree today!

Happy Earth Day

Assumption Village

Happy Earth Day! At Assumption Village, Fridays are a great day to celebrate the earth! In the afternoons we enjoy spending time in our beautiful garden. Residents with green thumbs can plant in their own designated gardening space, others can join us in the community area for various group projects. This happens every Friday afternoon – weather permitting! In Portland, you never know if you will get rain or shine, but at least with indecisive weather comes a rainbow to admire.

Blessed Easter

St. Anthony and Assumption Village

Residents at St. Anthony Village and Assumption Village enjoyed some fun Easter festivities over the weekend! Between the two communities, there were Catholic Easter Masses, an Easter Sing-Along, Easter-themed treats and crafts, as well as an Easter egg hunt. We hope everybody had a Blessed weekend with loved ones.

A Verse for a Villa

Villa St. Margaret

One of our residents recently wrote this lovely verse on her three year Anniversary at Villa St. Margaret! Thank you for sharing your reflections with us; we are glad to have such a wonderful, warm community.

It’s Easy Being Green

St. Anthony Village

St. Anthony Village had a hoot on St. Patrick’s Day, with traditional Irish folk music, a delicious plate of corned beef and cabbage, and a room full of green! But the greenest one of all, pictured here, won a special prize for her enthusiasm; she was awarded with a green tie, an Irish cap, a green apple soda, and Lucky Charms cereal! Thanks to all who participated by dressing up, dancing, or just enjoying the celebration!

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Assumption Village

Assumption Village looked as green as the Irish countryside; from our green shirts, hats, and jewelry, to the green soup we served at lunchtime (alongside the traditional corned beef and cabbage, of course!) Residents and staff alike danced to Irish jigs and enjoyed the luck we found in the shamrock cupcakes. Thanks to all who celebrated. Remember, if you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough!

Music Therapy with Drumming

St. Anthony Village

The community of St. Anthony Village is thrilled to be hosting monthly Music Therapy sessions once again! Not only do we have so much fun when we are drumming together, but each session provides us with gentle physical exercise, meaningful emotional connection, and a chance to get creative! Thanks to everyone who joined us this month; we hope to see you again next time!

Double the Fun: 100th Birthday for Two!

St. Anthony Village

Turning 100 years old is a big deal. And at St. Anthony Village, we had the honor of celebrating two 100th birthdays, on the same day! Families and residents enjoyed a party with homemade chocolate cupcakes, beautiful flute music, a blessing from St. Anthony Church’s beloved priest, and joyous stories all around. It was an honor to celebrate two women, both with a century of life experience. Happy birthday to you both; and many more!!

Celebrating Picasso

St. Anthony Village

Today’s art class at St. Anthony Village provoked the mind and encouraged creativity when we closely studied abstract artist Pablo Picasso. Using oil pastels, residents had an opportunity to create their own interpretation of Picasso’s self portrait. We love everyone’s unique interpretation, as they experimented with unusual shapes and colors. The results are a treat for the eye!

Love is in the Air with Annie Sea

St. Anthony Village

This celebration at St. Anthony was a sweet treat! We enjoyed beautiful music from Annie Sea and scrumptious sweets from our kitchen. Our Wellness Director also shared a slew of fun jokes and Valentine’s Day facts! It is always a blessing to soak in the company of our residents and staff alike. Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate friendship and love.

Valentine’s Day Party

Assumption Village

The Valentine’s Day celebration at Assumption Village was the sweetest thing, and not just because of the homemade cupcakes! Our residents enjoyed socializing and reminiscing to classic love songs, while tasting a variety of pink treats. This sweet holiday reminds us to celebrate and appreciate our loved ones; thanks for your love and sweet memories!

Takeout Lunch

St. Anthony Village & Assumption Village

Residents at Assumption Village and St. Anthony Village got served a special treat; this fantastic fast food fare was a fun way to switch things up and bring a well-loved American classic meal to our community. Assumption Village enjoyed McDonald’s Big Macs and fries, while St. Anthony enjoyed a box of good ‘ol Kentucky Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes! Thanks to our president and CEO for this fun idea and tasty treat; it’s clear to see the residents enjoyed every bite!

Staff Holiday Party


We are blessed with a team of incredible, dedicated staff who have worked through the most challenging times of the pandemic. To show appreciation, we rented three private showings at the Living Room Theater, so families could enjoy dinner and a movie together. Additionally, all employees received a significant wage increase at the beginning of the New Year 2022. We care that our employees have the ongoing financial and emotional support to serve our communities.

Holiday Sweater Party

Assumption Village

Staff and residents dressed in their favorite holiday sweaters and gathered by the Christmas tree for cocoa and upbeat holiday tunes. We enjoyed seeing everyone’s festive outfits and sharing their warm holiday spirit!

The Fireside Carolers

Assumption Village

We welcomed the talented and cheer-filled Fireside Carolers to visit us this holiday season! They happily wassailed through the hallways , bringing music and joy directly to the residents.

Christmas Tree Party

Assumption Village

Our residents enjoyed coming together to decorate this year’s beautiful Christmas tree! We took turns hanging ornaments and garland, as well as savoring some homemade cookies and cocoa from the kitchen. Our fireside lobby now looks lovely and festive as ever, thanks to our talented and joyous residents!

Holiday Cheer

St. Anthony Village

St. Anthony Village is bringing the holiday spirit! This past weekend, residents painted holiday-themed door signs with bright wintery colors, and gathered to decorate our annual Christmas tree in the lobby. The toasty beverages and warm holiday cheer got us in the mood for the season!

Autumn Crafts

St. Anthony Village

To prepare for Thanksgiving, our residents and staff created table centerpieces! We used leaves, pinecones, and craft supplies to make adorable mini turkeys. We also made a “Thanksgiving Tree” in our front lobby, where each leaf represents a thought of gratitude. We are so grateful for our staff and residents for making St. Anthony a warm place to live and work. We wish everyone a heart-filled holiday.

To learn more about how to celebrate holidays safely this year, check out the Oregon State COVID-19 website regarding holiday gatherings: https://www.multco.us/novel-coronavirus-covid-19/get-togethers-and-gatherings

Veteran’s Day Honoring

Assumption Village

We honored and celebrated our veterans with special Veteran’s Day treats at lunchtime, beautiful bouquets of flowers, and gift baskets and personalized cards for all of the veterans who live in our community. We appreciate your service to us, and we were honored to celebrate you on this day.

Dias de los Muertos: Days of the Dead

St. Anthony Village

Every year we set up an altar for Dias de los Muertos, or Days of the Dead. This is a traditional celebration in some parts of Mexico, and a way to honor loved ones who have passed away. Our staff and residents build the altar and contribute photos of their loved ones, while our kitchen cooks traditional foods to share and place on the altar. We love to celebrate and remember during this special holiday.

Halloween Party

St. Anthony Village

Our staff and residents came together in spooky and whimsical attire to celebrate and enjoy this creative costume party! Witches, goblins, and princesses enjoyed a variety of delicious treats in our decorative dining room.

October Fun

Assumption Village

It was hard to recognize Assumption Village during the last week of October, as it transformed into a place of spooky autumn enchantment! We enjoyed a variety of autumn-themed crafts such as making gourds from yarn, painting pumpkins, and assembling mason jar lanterns. We hosted a “Spirit Week,” when each day held a special theme, giving residents and staff an opportunity to dress up! On the final day, we had a free-for-all costume booth! Thanks to all who joined the fun!

Staff dress up in matching outfits for “Twin Day”

Spirit Week

St. Anthony Village

Our Wellness Department hosted a “Spirit Week” where residents and staff were given various costume and dress-up prompts throughout the week! This was a hoot, from “Twin Day” where couples and friends dressed up in matching outfits, to Pajama Day, where folks got a chance to wear comfortable sleepwear around the building. Thanks to all who participated in this creative and spirit-filled week; we enjoyed seeing your outfits!

Staff Wellness Retreat


Our Wellness program embodies our entire communities, including our employees. Every year, our management staff have an opportunity to enjoy an annual retreat with a shared lunch and special event. While last year’s retreat was suspended due to COVID-19 safety, this year the vaccine allowed us to safely enjoy gathering in the great outdoors, at a very “relaxing” adventure on the river! Our management staff participated in a 3-hour white water rafting trip near Hood River, Oregon. This unusual and exciting trip allowed our staff to enjoy beautiful scenery, and build bonds through navigating challenging rapids together. It’s something that will live down in history as one of the most exciting things we have done together! Many thanks to our president and CEO who treats us to new experiences every year!

Assumption Day

Assumption Village

Our annual celebration of The Assumption, the Catholic observation of Mary ascending into heaven (and our Village’s namesake!) is traditionally celebrated with family, friends, and the greater community of St. John’s. Due to the ongoing COVID safety requirements and our own diligence to keep our community safe, this year we limited the event to residents and staff only. This celebration was a much needed gathering where we enjoyed home-barbecued ribs, DJ music from the 60s and 70s, an exciting raffle, and a special announcement from our president and CEO; he unveiled two plaques dedicated to the staff who lead the way in getting our community’s first vaccines in January this year. Thanks to all who came to enjoy the celebration!

Painting Class

St. Anthony Village

Residents were ready to dust off the painting supplies and jump back into this fun art group! Our art instructor teaches a step-by-step class where residents learn to paint enchanting landscapes one stroke at a time. This month we created a sunset horizon over a poppy field. Whether a beginner or a seasoned painter, everybody enjoys polishing their artistic skills and expressing themselves in beautiful color!

Summer Solstice Party

St. Anthony Village

We welcomed this beautiful summer with a solstice celebration of music, dance, and homecooked tacos! We invited the incredible family of traditional Aztec dancers, who shared music, celebration, and traditional instruments. Later we continued our dance with a trio of Mexican dancers and folk singers, Son Huitzilin. During this beautiful celebration, our president and CEO honored our high school staff, who have worked hard this past year, not only thriving in our newly re-opened dining room, but persevering with the unpopular pandemic lifestyle of online school. He presented them with a special graduation bonus, to honor their completion of high school, welcoming them into the next journey of adulthood. Thanks to all who came to celebrate on this beautiful day!